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SmallNetBuilder's Wireless Testbed V10small

How We Test: SmallNetBuilder's Wireless Testbed - Revision 10

The Wi-Fi landscape has shifted significantly since SNB's Wi-Fi test process was last changed only a year ago. Distributed Wi-Fi (DW) / mesh systems have come on strong, challenging the single point routers that have formed the bedrock of the consumer Wi-Fi market to date. And MU-MIMO has moved down-market into less expensive products that lack connectorized antennas, making our direct-connect test method less practical.
The past year has also shown that having multiple test setups increased test time and was more prone to errors. The return to walking a laptop around to test DW products also increased test time. So some streamlining was in order.

The Revision 10 Testbed
We once again worked with our test partner octoScope to design the testbed for the Revision 10 process. The new testbed got moved up all the way to Revision 10 to line up with the name of the process it is used with. It can handle both single point routers and DW products of up to three modules. The top box is unchanged; it's still octoScope's Box-38 anechoic RF test chamber equipped with turntable and four octoScope high-gain antennas. Below that, however, everything is new.

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Wireless Testing ServicesUNH IOL

Like all UNH-IOL testing, the Wireless group is a collaborative test program that brings together industry leaders to foster quality, interoperable systems.

The UNH-IOL Wireless testing service offers access to octoScope's octoBox and MPE testing equipment. Testing services are available for both consumer and enterprise grade 802.11 Stations and Access Points, including support for MIMO devices with up to 4 spatial streams. visit the website