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  • Our wireless development team finds the octoBox wireless testbed very useful for measuring MIMO throughput. The testbed is compact and self-contained, as it includes RF attenuators, a multi-path emulator and an automation test script with graphical Excel based reporting. The built-in turntable allows the device being tested to be rotated which helps average the performance measurements and makes it easier to compare successive design iterations as the measurements are more repeatable. The octoBox is extremely well isolated from outside interference, giving us confidence in the results. The octoBox testbed has allowed NETGEAR to tune our products for peak performance. — Joseph Emmanuel, Director or Wireless Performance at NETGEAR
  • octoBox is a new generation of small RF chambers and a major step up in terms of isolation, robustness and ease of use. Its solid construction, equipped with high speed data filters and thorough design makes our test setup neat, easy to access and, most importantly, impervious to interference. It is a very suitable shielded environment both for conductive (performance oriented) and radiated (functional) tests, and is easy to move around. — Sorin Kevorchian, Ph.D., RF Engineer III, Sprint Nextel
  • The octoBox has been working well in our production environment for testing a new Phillips Lifeline device. Stable anechoic conditions inside the octoBox and good isolation make over-the-air coupling repeatable and accurate, which is extremely important for production. We can successfully test multiple radio interfaces, including 2G/3G and Wi-Fi. — Alex Herman, Senior Electrical Engineer, Philips Home Healthcare Solutions
  • The octoBox test chamber and MPE are a great solution that has helped SmallNetBuilder to do more - and more advanced - testing in less time. We're reviewing a greater array of devices, which has helped drive our growth in readership. — Tim Higgins, principal of SmallNetBuilder.com
  • The octoBox wireless testbed is a compact and inexpensive alternative to conventional anechoic chambers or screen rooms. The octoBox Stack is delivered ready to use and tests throughput vs. range in the presence of realistic yet controlled wireless path loss and multipath conditions. It has helped our test team shorten the test cycle and improve test coverage. The ability of octoBox to couple wireless signals over the air is very important for testing devices with internal antennas. — Beat Hangartner, Product Manager Convergent Access, Swisscom
  • 802.11ac is today the only choice for wireless LANs of any form. But it's also a major challenge to test, as rate vs. range can be affected by a broad range of variables. octoScope has delivered a major advance in addressing these issues, with a highly-instrumented and repeatable test environment. — Craig Mathias, Principal of Farpoint group
  • octoScope brings a truly unique combination of technical skills, real world experience and knowledge of the industry that are relevant to all aspects of wireless networks. The team was able to provide my organization multiple, innovative network designs for a very difficult industrial application. octoScope’s depth of knowledge saved us valuable time and money and provided a superior solution to our wireless network needs. — Craig Cervo, VP Engineering, Symbotic
  • The octoScope team created automation software used to test the reliability and robustness of FIRST’s 5GHz, 802.11n network for use in our unique application, the FIRST Robots Competition. octoScope’s detailed testing assured FIRST that our intent to use the 802.11n standard for real-time control of robots in a wide variety of environments such as high school gymnasiums, sports arenas, and convention centers, would be successful. The octoScope team is very professional, and I look forward to working with them again. — Matt Pilotte, Electrical Engineer, FIRST - For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology