Wireless personal testbeds

  • OBS-50 Pal-6 smartBox subsystem
  • OBS-50 Pal-6, 12 dipole antennas
  • OBS-50 Pal-6 smartBox subsystem
  • OBS-50 Pal-6 smartBox subsystem
  • OBS-50 Pal-6 smartBox subsystem
  • OBS-50 Pal-6 smartBox subsystem
  • OBS-50 Pal-6, 2 varients


Pal-6E smartBox subsystem

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octoScope’s Pal-6E is a Wi-Fi 6E (IEEE 802.11ax) test instrument built into an octoBox® chamber, making that chamber a smartBox™.

The Pal-6E functions as a traffic partner, an expert analyzer, virtual station emulator and a load generator for testing throughput, capacity, roaming, band steering and more. The Pal-6E can be extended with a Bluetooth (BT) plug-in module to integrate BT test capabilities.

The smartBox’s integrated dual-band Pal-6E instrument is based on one of the most advanced Wi-Fi 6E chipsets on the market supporting all the Wi-Fi protocols, IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac/ax. With the access to the chipset’s driver and firmware via the octoScope API, you can configure the smartBox’s built-in Pal-6E as a real device or as a test instrument. As a real device, the Pal-6E acts as a traffic partner running the standard station and AP (access point) drivers. As an instrument, it can emulate virtual stations for testing APs under heavy traffic load from multiple stations, act as multiple APs to a station under test, perform expert monitoring and analysis, replay captured traffic or operate as a sniffer.

OBS-50 Pal-6 OBS-50 Pal-6 smartBox subsystem


Use the stand-alone Pal-6E open in a walk-in isolation chamber or in an open-air test environment, such as the test house.

All the RF connectors for the Wi-Fi 6E and Bluetooth radios are on the front panel for direct connections into the testbed. Antenna brackets can be mounted to connect octoScope’s high gain antennas or dipole antennas for open air testing.

Pal-6 open