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octoScope’s BOX-18 is the most compact member of the octoBox family. Fully compatible with octoScope’s robust set of hardware and software testing and analysis tools, BOX-18 is specifically designed for such demanding applications as MIMO testing, wireless mesh performance analysis, and IoT testing. Many testing and verification applications require the complete isolation of each individual device under test (DUT) – exactly what BOX-18 is designed to accomplish.

With 16 RF connectors on each side plus an F-connector for set-top box testing, BOX-18 is perfect for any MIMO application. Compact, stackable, and rackable, BOX-18 enables labs to provision the maximum isolated test capacity in minimal lab space. It’s easy to configure, re-configure, and customize test setups to meet any set of requirements, yielding the most flexible and productive wireless testbed possible. BOX-18 is also perfect for evaluating roaming performance with larger numbers of clients or infrastructure devices.


Box-18 Box-18
American Metric
Outside: 18.4”H x 18.4”W x 30.9”D 46.7cm H x 46.7cm W x 78.5cm D
Inside: 16”H x 13.6”W x 21.3”D 40.6cm H x 34.5cm W x 54.1cm D
Inside (SBOX): 12”H x 13.6”W x 21.3”D 30.5cm H x 34.5cm W x 54.1cm D
Weight: 89 LBS 40 kg
Weight (SBOX): 93 LBS 42 kg


Feature Specification
Data Filters 1 Ethernet+USB filter
Waveguide 1
Antennas High Gain antenna array
AC power entry module IEC-320 C14 inlet connector 120/240VAC 50/60Hz with 5A 5x20mm fuse
Cooling 80mm square axial fan; filters over inlet and outlet for isolation
RF ports 16 RF barrel SMA connectors, 1 F-connector
Isolation >80 dB with cables connected through filters
Absorption >20 dB from 1.3 to 40 GHz; >15 dB down to 700 MHz