Wireless personal testbeds



The video of octoScope’s seminar, Wi-Fi 6 and Broadband Forum test methods , is now available on YouTube and Youku (优酷). YouTube links are below, to view on Youku click here. The 2-hour footage is broken into 4 parts. Read the seminar announcement.

Part 1 octoScope - the octoBox personal testbed and its new Wi-Fi 6 test features
June 2019

Part 2 The UNH IOL – overview of the Broadband Forum TR-398 performance test standard & testing at the lab
June 2019

Part 3 SmallNetBuilder.com – automated demo of TR-398 test cases
June 2019

Part 4 dot11 Labs – running TR-398 tests in a house vs. in the octoBox testbed
June 2019

Seminar on Wi-Fi 6 and 5G test methods
March 2019

Patrick Mannion's interview re octoBox wireless personal testbed at CES 2019
February 2019

Repeatable wireless test in the octoBox personal testbed
November 2018

octoBox wireless personal testbed - an update
November 2018

The video of octoScope’s seminar, Hands-on deep dive into roaming and mesh performance, is now available on YouTube. The 2-hour footage is broken into 4 parts. The complete set of slides is also available.

Part 1: octoScope - introduction to the octoBox personal testbed and its new mesh testing features
July 2018

Part 2: dB Performance - demo of 802.11r fast transition
July 2018

Part 3: SmallNetBuilder.com - demo of roaming in a mesh and observations on 11kvr capabilities, or lack thereof
July 2018

Part 4: dot11 Labs - overview of a mesh roaming test in a test house and in the octoBox
July 2018

octoBox Multipath Emulator
July 2018

Test repeatability in the octoBox wireless personal testbed
July 2018

Watch how octoScope's new turntable manages data and power cable feeds in a submerged plastic tunnel. …
April 2018

Patrick Mannion of ClariTek examines the octoBox personal testbed use case at Kyrio, the major wireless test lab in the US.
November 2017

This seminar took place on October 19th, 2017 at the octoScope San Jose office. We cover the evolution of mesh technologies, including 802.11s, Nest/ZigBee and Bluetooth. We discuss today’s common 3-node mesh architectures for Wi-Fi and examine the typical performance of the products on the market.
October 2017

Overview of the octoBox personal testbed and its 3 standard configurations. Patrick Mannion interviews Bob Mayer of octoScope.
November 2017

octoBox Personal Testbed and its New Pal
August 2017

octoScope: Exponential Complexity presentation
May 2017

octoScope's iGen Interference Generator
November 2016

MU-MIMO and Coexistence Testing with octoBox
March 2016

octoBox Wireless Testbed Overview
May 2016

octoBox Throughput test
February 2016

octoBox Roaming Testbed
December 2015

octoBox: Importance of Isolation
December 2014

octoBox Multi-room Wireless Testbed
January 2015

Introduction to the octoBox Test Platform
December 2014

Comparision: octoBox vs. a Common Shield Box
December 2014

Configuring the octoBox Test Platform
December 2014

Anechoic Testing Chambers at the Small Cells America Conference
December 2014

Farpoint Group looks at the octoBox
September 2014

octoBox small anechoic wireless testbed overview
June 2014

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