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octoBox Wireless Testbed

octoBox Wireless Testbed Overview

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octoBox is a small stackable anechoic testbed used for testing wireless devices and systems. It isolates the devices under test from the outside interference and creates a stable environment for achieving repeatable throughput measurements.

Engineers use the octoBox testbed to measure throughput of the new 802.11ac or 4G MIMO devices.

octoBox testbed can also be configured for video over Wi-Fi testing, mesh testing (self-forming, self-healing functions of a mesh), high speed roaming and other wireless tests.

octoBox can be used for testing Wi-Fi, 2G/3G/4G, Bluetooth GPS and other devices.

It offers ideal conditions for multi-stream MIMO throughput and supports the operating frequencies from 700 MHz to 6 GHz.

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Tests Supported by Standard octoBox Testbed Configurations

Throughput vs. range Y Y Y Y
Throughput vs. orientation   Y   Y
Throughput vs. interference Y Y Y Y
Channel adaptation Y Y Y Y
Data rate adaptation* Y Y Y Y
Mobility / roaming Y with extra Pal+att Y with Pal+att Y with Pal+att Y with Pal+att
Receiver performance* Y Y Y with Pal+att Y with Pal+att
Association capacity* Y with vSTA Y with vSTA Y with Pal-vSTA Y with Pal-vSTA
Packet error rate* Y Y Y Y
Forwarding rate* Y with vSTA Y with vSTA Y with Pal-vSTA Y with Pal-vSTA


  1. PAL testbeds are restricted to Pal as the partner device; STACK testbeds use off-the-shelf partner device(s) and Pal(s) can be added if needed.
  2. ‘att’ = quadAtten; ‘Pal’ = Pal
  3. * Software upgraded coming soon