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octoBox MPE (Multi Path Emulator) Wireless Testbed

MPE between 2 stackables

octoBox-MPE module emulates IEEE 802.11n/ac Model B [1]
corresponding to home and small office environment.

octoBox MPE is a patent-pending module that emulates multipath in a typical indoor environment. MPE can be configured for 1x1, 2x2, 3x3 or 4x4 MIMO-OTA (over the air) operation to test throughput, PER (packet error rate) and other parameters of a link between wireless devices.

  • Wi-Fi manufacturers and evaluators often test throughput performance in open air ‘real-life’ environment (e.g. a typical house or office) or using channel emulators.
  • octoScope has developed an octoBoxTM based testbed that creates multipath closely approaching the IEEE 802.11n/ac Model B [1] – emulating home and small office environment.
  • octoBox MIMO MultiPath Emulator (MPE) creates multipath inside octoBox by generating reflections with stubs of coaxial cable. A quad multipath emulator fixture supports up to 4-stream MIMO.
  • octoBox-MPE has been simulated, prototyped and measured using a VNA in the frequency domain; results IFFT’ed to time domain and compared to IEEE Model B (see below)
  • Data throughput tests have been performed by www.smallnetbuilder.com on a 2x2 and a 3x3 802.11ac MIMO configuration demonstrating MIMO gains inside octoBox with equivalent throughput to that measured in a representative home environment.
MIMO OTA Testbed

octoBox-MPE MIMO OTA Testbed Diagram

octoBox-MPE vs. Conventional Fader

  octoBox MPE Conventional Fader
Frequency Range Up to 6GHz and higher 400 MHz – 6GHz
Channel Width Flexible, 160MHz supported 100 MHz
Bi-directional Over the Air (OTA) Yes May require custom channel models, power amplifiers, etc.
Doppler/time-variable fading   Yes
Channel Model Programmability Several fixed-channel model modules can be stacked Yes


octoBox MPE

octoBox MPE, Perspective

octoBox Stackable, MPE

octoBox Stackable, Interior