octoBox MPE (Multi Path Emulator) Wireless Testbed

octoBox small anechoic wireless testbed overview - June 2014

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octoBox is a small stackable anechoic chamber used for testing wireless devices and systems. It isolates the devices under test from the outside interference and creates a stable environment for achieving repeatable throughput measurements.

The MPE (multipath emulator) module emulates multipath conditions in a typical home or office, closely matching the IEEE model B or C power delay profile (PDP).

Programmable RF attenuators inside the octoBox quadAtten module emulate path loss due to distance or to signal’s passing through walls.

The two octoBox small anechoic chambers house wireless devices in the link under test. The DUT (device under test) is typically placed into the top chamber and coupled to the Master device over the air through a 4x4 MIMO test antenna array

MIMO OTA Testbed

octoBox-MPE MIMO OTA Testbed Diagram

octoBox-MPE vs. Conventional Fader

  octoBox MPE Conventional Fader
Frequency Range Up to 6GHz and higher 400 MHz – 6GHz
Channel Width Flexible, 160MHz supported 100 MHz
Bi-directional Over the Air (OTA) Yes May require custom channel models, power amplifiers, etc.
Doppler/time-variable fading   Yes
Channel Model Programmability Several fixed-channel model modules can be stacked Yes


octoBox MPE

octoBox MPE, Perspective

Turn table

Turn table model, OB-38-TT