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STACK-SNB Schematic

STACK-SNB testbed

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STACK-SNB is the most comprehensive of the standard octoBox configurations. The testbed was defined collaboratively by octoScope and SmallNetBuilder.com. It tests throughput vs. range; maximum 4x4 MIMO over-the-air throughput; and the ability of a mesh network to optimize airlink capacity.

Mesh and band steering tests demonstrate how well an access point and range extenders maintain airlink efficiency to support demanding applications such as video and audio over Wi-Fi.


Three (3) octoBox-18 16 SMA Connections
Test Sub-System Mesh: (Pals & Splitters)
2 Pal-5 5GHz Wave 2
2 quadAtten 90dB
Multipath Emulator-38 With built-in attenuators
OBS-42 Camera


Model Description Quantity Dimension (Box) Dimension (weight)
BOX-TT octoBox-38 19 SMA with Center Mount TT 1 24”H x 38.35”W x 31.2”D
(61cm H x 97cm W x 79cm D)
187 LBS (78 kg)
BOX-18 octoBox-18 with16 SMA Connections 3 13”H x 18.5”W x 30.5”D
(33cm H x 47cm W x 77cm D)
70 LBS (32kg)
TS-MESH Test Sub-System Mesh: (Pals & Splitters) 1 13”H x 17.5”W x 24”D
(33cm H x 44cm W x 61cm D)
55 LBS (25kg)
OB-PAL-5 Pal-5 5GHz Wave 2 1 11.7” x 5” x 1.6”
(30cm x 13cm x 4cm)
4.5 LBS (2 kg)
OB-QUADATTEN-90 quadAtten 90dB 2 9.5” x 3.9” x 1.5”
(24cm x 10cm x 4cm)
2.5 LBS (1.13 kg)
OB-MPE2-38 Multipath Emulator-38 With built-in attenuators 1 38”W x 24”D x 5.5”H
(96cm W x 61cm D x 14cm H )
85 LBS (38.5kg)
OB-BASE-38 octoBox-38-BASE 1 40”W x 31”D x 6”H
(102 x 79 x 15 cm)
100 LBS (45 kg)
STACK-SNB   Totals 62”H x 40”W x 31”D
(157cm x 102cm x 79cm)
647 LBS (293 kg)