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STACK-16 Schematic

STACK-16 testbed

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The STACK-16 testbed is primarily a throughput testbed optimized to achieve the highest possible throughput.

To achieve maximum throughput and over-the-air stability for high order MIMO systems capable of up to 8 spatial streams, the STACK-16 testbed with 16 MIMO paths provides a rich MIMO environment.


BOX-TT (octoBox-38 chamber, 19 SMA, with Center Mount TT)
octoBox-38 chamber, 19 SMA Connections
4 quadAtten 90dB
OBS-42 Camera


Model Description Quantity Dimension (Box) Dimension (weight)
BOX-TT octoBox-38 19 SMA with Center Mount TT 1 24”H x 38.35”W x 31.2”D
(61cm H x 97cm W x 79cm D)
187 LBS (78 kg)
BOX-38 octoBox-38 19 SMA Connections 1 24”H x 38.35”W x 31.2”D
(61cm H x 97cm W x 79cm D)
172 LBS (78 kg)
OB-QUADATTEN-90 quadAtten 90dB 4 9.5” x 3.9” x 1.5”
(24cm x 10cm x 4cm)
2.5 LBS (1.13 kg)
OB-BASE-38 octoBox-38-BASE 1 40”W x 31”D x 6”H
(102 x 79 x 15 cm)
100 LBS (45 kg)
STACK-16   Totals 54”H x 40”W x 31”D
(137cm x 102cm x 79cm)
469 LBS (213 kg)