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octoBox Accessories

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octoBox quadAtten – DC to 6000 MHz

Module with 4 programmable RF attenuators individually controllable via USB or Ethernet/PoE – 63 dB range * 0.5 dB step

octoBox® quadAtten module contains 4 individually programmable RF attenuators. quadAtten offers the best RF isolation on the market, making it suitable for highly controlled octoBox wireless testbed environment. While off-the-shelf attenuators have to be internally mounted due to inadequate isolation, octoBox quadAtten module mounts externally for easy access. Each of the 4 attenuators can be individually controlled via USB or Ethernet/PoE. download the datasheet

Download the datasheet
octoBox® iGen™ – Interference Generator

Programmable interference generator emulates Wi-Fi traffic and interference waveforms, including radar

The octoBox iGen module is used to create realistic interference conditions for testing wireless devices and systems. iGen supports 802.11a/b/g/n/ac with the ability generate traffic interference or broadband waveform interference. Waveform interference generation includes radar waveform for DFS (dynamic frequency selection) testing, cordless phones, Bluetooth, microwave ovens, baby monitors and other sources of interference. Traffic can be configured for specific load, channel frequency, channel width or priority. download the datasheet

Download the datasheet

octoBox® small anechoic chamber with a built-in turntable for MIMO over the air (OTA) throughput measurements

octoBox-TT features a built-in low profile turntable that rotates a device under test (DUT) enabling you to measure throughput vs. range and vs. DUT orientation. With RF transparent plastic rails and plastic turntable platter, octoBox-TT maintains anechoic environment for accurate and repeatable testing. download the datasheet

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octoBox HDMI Filter

HDMI filter suppresses 700 MHz to 6 GHz test frequencies

HDMI filter is an optional filter for the octoBox that allows you to view the video generated by a device inside the chamber without compromising the chamber isolation. download the datasheet